Professional Writing Services

Not everyone is a writer but sooner or later, everyone needs the right words. You may have a special celebration coming up, a family story you want to preserve, a colleague you want to honor or a business with a remarkable history. 

pmWriting specializes in the right words at the right time. A well written piece can help you persuade, celebrate, motivate, praise or encourage.

I've written short verses for cards, opinion pieces for the media, brochures for company distribution, web copy for organizations and tributes honoring special people.  My favorite writing assignments, however, are those that involve stories. . . the stories of your family, your business or your event.

Everyone has a story. Unfortunately, many great stories are forgotten after years pass, people die or memories become clouded by change. I can help you preserve those defining stories of your life for present and future readers.

Your stories are part of a larger narrative influenced by society, location and history. We are all shaped by the times and places we live and the people we meet. These elements become woven into the fabric of the history of every family and every business. Told in context, your story can be truly extraordinary.


Everyone can write....right?

In a broad sense, the answer to that question is Yes. Most people who have had a reasonable amount of education can get along quite well with everyday writing. But do you have the time it takes to refine your message, choose the right words, tell your story in a compelling way or make countless revisions?

Far more than just putting words on paper, writing is an art. As Mark Twain famously observed, The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

For that most important work -- a special tribute, family or business profile, organizational history or publication -- shouldn't you consider the services of a professional writer?